#PraySG - Introductory Episode

by The Church of Pentecost Singapore

#PraySG - The Fear of the Lord

by The Church of Pentecost Singapore



Do not suffer in Silence. We believe here at COP SG that prayer can solve everything. Get in touch now with your prayer request and we will make sure to petition for you before God. 


At our Tamil Service, we are a close-knit family where every member is valued and loved. Expect to find a supportive and nurturing community that embraces you as part of our spiritual family. Together, we journey through life, share joys and sorrows, and experience the power of unity in Christ.


Our Tamil Church is rooted in a deep devotion to God. Expect to encounter passionate worship, heartfelt prayers, and a strong emphasis on cultivating a personal relationship with God. Through our devotion, we seek to draw closer to God, experience His presence, and live a life of surrender to His will.


In our Tamil Church Fellowship, we have a zeal for God and His Kingdom. Expect an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm, fervor, and a hunger to know God more deeply. We are driven by a burning desire to grow in faith, pursue righteousness, and make an impact in our lives and the lives of others.


Service is at the heart of our Tamil Church. Expect to actively engage in serving others, both within our church community and the wider society. We believe that true greatness is found in serving others selflessly, just as Christ demonstrated. Through various ministries and outreach initiatives, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.



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At our vibrant Tamil Church, we gather every Sunday at 10.30am to experience the joy of worship, receive life-changing teachings, foster meaningful connections, and grow together in our faith journey. The Church of Pentecost Singapore as part of being a church for all is dedicated to serving the Tamil speaking community in Singapore.

Whether you are an Indian Tamil-speaking family residing in Singapore or an expat worker from India staying in the dormitories, we extend a warm and heartfelt invitation to you. Our Tamil service is a place where you can find a home, a family, and a community that cares.

Here, you will discover an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and encouragement as we come together to seek God’s presence, learn from His Word, and support one another in our spiritual growth. Our gatherings are filled with passionate worship, impactful messages, and opportunities for fellowship that will enrich your life.

As a part of our Tamil Church Fellowship, you can look forward to:

✨ Engaging worship that stirs your spirit and draws you closer to God

✨ Relevant and empowering teachings that inspire transformation in your daily life

✨ Authentic relationships and meaningful connections with fellow believers

✨ Discipleship and guidance to help you navigate your faith journey

✨ Opportunities to serve and make a difference in the community

Whether you are seeking a place to worship, grow in your faith, or simply connect with fellow Tamil-speaking believers, we are here for you.


Our fellowship is a haven where you can experience God’s love, find purpose, and be empowered to live a life that honours Him.

Come and be a part of our growing community. We can’t wait to meet you, embrace you, and walk alongside you on this exciting journey of faith.


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